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Josep Garcia & Catherine Cooke founders of Upcashwise

Upcashwise's Methodology

We aim to maintain transparency with our audience regarding how we craft our reviews and assess the banking and financial products and services we feature. This ensures you have a clearer insight into the internal workings of Upcashwise.

Categories We Review

At Upcashwise, our reviews thoroughly assess client assistance and the support provided to users, including:

  • Communication channels (email, chat, phone)
  • Support materials (guides, tutorials, videos)
  • Reaction time post-contact
  • Interaction quality with support representatives

For Upcashwise audience, understanding the cost is essential. After all, any costs incurred chip away at your profits when investing. Our in-depth reviews and research process delves into:

  • Payment methods: Which forms of payment are accepted?
  • Fee structure: Are the costs transparent and justifiable?
  • Value for money: What benefits and features does your investment provide?
  • Hidden charges: Are there any unexpected additional costs?

In our reviews of banking and financial services, understanding the quality of digital interfaces is crucial, as they’re accessed through websites and applications. We prioritize user experience, thoroughly examining:

  • The ease of registration or setting up an account
  • Alternative methods of access beyond the website, like mobile apps
  • The operational speed of both apps and websites
  • The platform’s overall design and how user-friendly the navigation is

For anyone engaging with banking and financial products, understanding regulation and protection schemes is essential. Our detailed analysis examines:

  • The regulatory status to see if the product is regulated by a credible financial authority
  • The nature of protection, what safeguards are in place for investors?
  • The available protection schemes to compensate investors
  • We evaluate all the elements to provide a well-informed view on the overall safety, security, and dependability of a financial product

Our Revenue Structure Explained

At Upcashwise, we support our activities with a clear revenue structure. We are compensated by some of the services and products we mention, analyse and eventually review.

Nonetheless, this financial connection doesn’t affect our evaluations or alter our advice. Our dedication to integrity is unwavering—if a financial or banking product falls short of our rigorous criteria (e.g. not good regulation or high fees), we will not endorse it. Our main focus is preserving editorial autonomy and consistently providing valuable, top-tier content.

Our primary goal is to deliver top-tier content, whether we’re analysing financial products or exploring investment strategies. As mentioned, this requires a rigorous evaluation process to uphold our high standards.

Relying on our specialized knowledge, we individually create and carefully examine all our content.

After creating our content, we’re committed to regularly refreshing it to ensure it remains relevant and accurate. A significant portion of our effort is dedicated to maintaining the most current information.

Although we aim for precision, it’s not always possible to guarantee that everything is completely up-to-date. If you notice any discrepancies, we’d appreciate you shooting us a message.

To ensure our evaluations and insights remain forthright and beneficial, Upcashwise adheres to a stringent ethical guideline. Here are our commitments to you:

  • We individually create and thoroughly review our content.
  • Our partnerships are transparent, with a clear acknowledgment in each review and article.
  • We base our research on primary sources, ensuring verification before publication—and we welcome corrections for any inaccuracies.
  • We encourage reader feedback, as long as it’s respectful and constructive.
  • Reviewed entities do not have prior access to our content.
  • Our reviews fairly present both the strengths and weaknesses of the products.
  • Each review is credited to an actual expert; we never use pseudonyms.
  • Uniquely, we personally test all the products and services we evaluate, often including genuine screenshots or videos from our experiences in our reviews.
  • We don’t invest directly in the companies we review.
  • We strictly provide educational content and do not offer financial advice.

At Upcashwise, we are committed to the authenticity and transparency of our work. We engage deeply in what we review, presenting ourselves and clearly identifying our contributors. As a legally established entity, we conduct our operations with full transparency.

We transparently disclose our revenue generation methods, ensuring our users are fully aware of our processes. Additionally, we cultivate an environment of respect and conversation, welcoming and not censoring respectful feedback. Our dedication to transparency is fundamental to our operations, fostering trust with our audience at every turn.

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The Experts Behind Upcashwise Reviews

Here at Upcashwise, our reviews and content are crafted by a dedicated team led by Josep Garcia and Catherine Cooke. Together, we bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in the fields of personal finances. Our approach is rooted in thorough research and a deep understanding of the topics we cover, guaranteeing that the insights we offer are both informed and practical.

Catherine and Josep are not only research partners but also seasoned content creators, each with a history of producing engaging and informative work. Our expertise isn’t limited to the academic realm; it’s built upon years of using and navigating the financial products and services we assess. This real-world experience shapes every review, instilling confidence in our readers regarding the accuracy and reliability of our content. We collaborate with freelance writers, editors, and experts to ensure that our content is precise, comprehensive, and empowers our readers.

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