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Catherine Cooke, cofounder of Upcashwise

Catherine Cooke

Upcashwise Advisor

"My goal is to inspire your personal and financial growth, with practical, tailored content, so you can take control of your finances"

Hello, I'm Catherine Cooke, co-founder of Upcashwise. I'm passionate about creating online content that fuels personal and professional growth, whether it's mastering new skills for your career or taking control of your finances. With a background in teaching and my own entrepreneurial pursuits, my mission is to empower individuals to pursue their passions and achieve their goals.

My journey in education and entrepreneurship began in 2005 when I graduated with honours in Art & Design from BCU. Eager to make a difference in the field of education, I pursued a Master's Degree in Teaching from the University of East London, which provided me with the expertise and certification to start my teaching career.

In addition to my teaching background, I am also a certified yoga instructor, holding an RYT 200 certification with Yoga Alliance, and I work as a graphic designer too. When I ventured into my entrepreneurial journey, I had to learn the ropes of financial decision-making and business management the hard way.

Additionally, I am the driving force behind, a website committed to aiding individuals and businesses in improving their skills and streamlining HR workflows through meticulously crafted and insightful content.

My mission at Upcashwise

My commitment to continuous learning and skill development led me to co-found It's a platform dedicated to helping individuals like you discover top-notch resources and courses to boost your personal and professional growth. Struggles with managing the finances of my small business inspired me to create a website to share what I've learned and help others.